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I am having a very hard time being partial to other people’s skewed idea’s about belief. Our country is in the trashcan, we need new leadership and in my opinion Obama is the best man for the job. I think McCain was a great soldier and what he has done in service for our country was very admirable, that said – I don’t think he can take our country forward. We need a diplomat who can mend our broken fences with the world, get us out of a war (we could never win)before anymore of our nation’s finest have to die, revamp education, tax cuts to the wealthy … the list is endless. John McCain is more of the same – I don’t want it. I also am really bewildered by the choice for VP. If McCain was elected and dies… Would you like her to be president?

Okay, rant over… kind of. I know three people who are very good friends of my parents and some relatives who have voted Democratic their whole lives, but refuse to vote for a African American for president. I am disgusted that their ignorance and intolerance could potentially let the wrong man into the White House. It is ridiculous that such prejudice exists still in the hearts of people in this country.

My mom says I should let them be, their never going to change their minds, their too old. Well if I was in my seventies or eighties and I was dead wrong about something, I would hope that my mind could be changed. This has been a lesson in the person that I refuse to be. I want to be able to say I’m wrong about injustices til the day I die and have the good sense to change my mind. I can’t imagine why the color of his skin can be more important than the person that he is, but I have never understood racism since I was a small child. I never understood why my grandmother scoughed when I played with my African American dolls in front of her or why she was rude to the waitstaff who were different than us. I didn’t understand it then and I don’t understand it now. He is a man. A man who can help us get out of this mess. But they would rather vote for a man who left his first wife, disabled and alone, for a younger more attractive model, but he is white so we should sweep all of that under the rug.

I truly hope that there are enough people in our country who can think for themselves about the issues and not make their decisions based on the propaganda we see on TV ever other minute. That they will make educated choices not only with their own agenda in mind, but what will be best in the long-run for the US.

I hope for change…


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