Ups and Downs


This was an interesting weekend. I worked 10 hours on Sat. It was a nice day actually. Not to busy, but not to slow either. Just right – I am the Goldilocks of retail.

I finished Ch 10 on Saturday and that feels great. I am really happy with it. I have to do a sequel because I can’t imagine a time without these characters. I also wrote a much better blurb for the query. I am about half done with revisions for Ch 11. I can’t wait to print it out and read it all.

It’s amazing how I think I know what is going to happen with the story and then suddenly something new and exciting pops up in my head. I love it, it is my favorite part of getting the story out of my head and onto the page.

I had an interview with a new family that went well, but I didn’t get to sleep in. I had rehearsal with The Romero’s – spending time with them always fills me up.

I also got in a big, dumb fight with my mom. My eyes still hurt from all the crying. I know we say the worst things to the people we love because we know in the end they won’t stop loving us, but it still hurts!

She apologized last night and it was genuine. I don’t hold grudges and we are fine, but it was a hard afternoon. Talking it over with Em helped and Aaron’s parm pasta helped too!


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