Writing Heroes


This has been a good week on writing, even though I have not gotten a lot of writing done. My good friend offered a great critique of one of my chapters – her insights were inspired and got a fire under me again. I have sat with this story so long that the funny parts are not funny any longer and it is a breath of fresh air to see it with new eyes. Thanks Lisa!

My other good friend Sam offered encouragement and support on Ch 5 and found something I hadn’t seen. I feel so blessed to have these two wonderful women in my life – they have brought new energy to my writing for certain.

Cheryl Klein has posted a Harry Potter speech on her blog. It brought me so much joy and comfort this week and reaffirmed why I write in the first place. It is a wonderful piece on what writers can learn from Harry Potter. I have read it at least a dozen times already. JK Rowling has left quite a mark on the hearts and souls of so many.

I am about to embark on re-reading the whole series from start to finish. A joy I have been awaiting for so long. I wanted to put a little space between the last book and the goal was to be done before Half-Blood Prince came out, but since that has been pushed back anyway – I have plenty of time.

In other news the DNC will be here in Denver this coming week. The city is preparing for something huge and I am excited to be a part of it. My Romero’s and I will be performing “Which Side” as part of a week long event called “Resurrection City”. I am so honored to be a part of this. Rage Against the Machine, the Flobots, and others will be here to perform as well. It will be great to be telling of history as we make it!

I am also deeply saddened by the death of LeRoi Moore of the Dave Mathews Band. It is so sad, forty-six is far too young to go. I am blessed to have seen them so many times! My heart goes out to them. As Dave put it at a show on Tuesday, “It is easier to leave than to be left.”

It is so great to work in an independent bookstore. I get publishers catalogues on a daily basis. It has been good for my writer to look through the pages at all the new art to be released. Melville House Publishing sent a mailer that I received today with a wonderful history of German writer Hans Fallada. I knew nothing of him, until today, but I am inspired by his courage and I can’t wait to read his books. He survived the Nazi occupation and refused to leave his home. He was placed in a mental institution and pretended to write an anti-Semitic novel (forced to write by the Goebbels, or die)when he was really writing his own novel, The Drinker, in code. After he was released he wrote another novel based on a true story of a working class couple who resisted the Nazi’s in 24 days. All the torment finally wrecked havoc on him and he died in 1947, just shy of the books publication.

Writing is important to the writer and to the reader in ways that amaze me every day. It is important work and I am proud to call myself a writer.


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