Growing Up


I did end up going to my reunion… sort of. Em, Aaron, and I went to the bar for a drink and sat where we could be seen by the reunion-goers so we would be able to catch up with the people we knew without having to pay the $85 per person.

I saw/talked to a handful of people I had not seen since graduation and it was really nice. Some people look essentially the same, while others have changed quite drastically, which is to be expected I assume. I fall somewhere in the middle. I could tell some people couldn’t place me (mind you, I didn’t have a name tag on either)for the most part people knew me and it was nice to catch up.

Lots of marriages and babies, big careers – while others are in school, again I fell a bit close to the middle. Eventually we did go into the room to tell a couple of people goodbye. I ran into a handful of people I had known since Jr High and that was probably my favorite part of the evening. Big bear hugs and smiles were never better. One of these Jr High friends lives ridiculously close to one of my best friends (who I have also known since Jr High) in California. It is a small world after all.

At one point in the evening, it was just Em, Aaron, and I at the table. We had been laughing about something and Em came over and licked my hand while my head was turned, just like she has since high school. We giggled and I realized that I am very lucky to have maintained so many of these friendships all these years.

I still don’t know is ten years is long enough, but I am impressed that so many of us have grown up a bit since then.

On a completely different note, I got to spend sometime with a wonderful woman today who does readings at my bookstore. She is a kindred spirit and she brought us apple pie today to share. We were talking about books over pie and we started to talk about my next writing project. As I sat there and told her all the ins/outs of this new story, I was amazed how open I was and confident. I didn’t need her to approve, however it felt wonderful when she did. I think I am finally growing up. I am learning to live in my truth, every day a step in the right direction.


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