Jaybones and Swimming


This week is going by way too fast. I finally got the opportunity to talk on the phone with one of my best and oldest friends last night. She is a film editor in LA. I miss her terribly and have not had the funds to go visit in over two years.

We email a lot and talk on the phone when we can, but it isn’t the same as being able to go the movies or coffee together. She wants me to move to LA and part of me wants to as well. I always like it when I visit, it is just so expensive.

SABI, her company, has a wonderful short film in the running for the Denver Film Festival and hopefully it gets in and we will reunion soon. Speaking of reunions…my ten year high school reuinion is this Sat. I am not going because it is ungodly expensive. A couple of my close friends want to crash (per se) and go to the bar where it is being held, not pay the money to go upstairs.

I have honestly been thinking that even crashing is not a good idea. I don’t think 10 years is long enough yet. I have not accomplished what I would have liked to accomplish in ten years and in most moments, I am okay with that, but I am having panic attacks about being put into that self-conscious state again.

I have also been avoiding my writing and staying up way too late every night to watch swimming… my lack of focus is gold medal worthy


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