Romero’s – My Heroes


My nerves did signify a truly once in a lifetime performance. Saturday night will go down in my heart as one of the best performances I have ever been a part of. We were performing for the United Students Against Sweatshops national convention on the CU campus. I was getting a little nervous because we were planning to go on at 7:00 p.m. and at ten til, we didn’t have any students to perform for.

I never did hear what held them up, but at 7:45, we started without them. As Grandpa came back to life, close to one hundred students filed into the ballroom and everything got under way.

Mother Jones went well, all my words and guts showed up and I felt really good about it. The Mop and Broom Brigade was a really good addition to the scene as well. I am so inspired by her and I am blessed to perform her. I always feel like she steps into my skin as I step out on to that stage. I know my maternal great-grandmother is there as well. She would really like my hat!

Singing “Which Side,” with Spirit was powerful and moving. There is just something about that song.The stomping and the harmony of two voices filling up a space. It moves me up so much, that I come off stage, shaking – almost not able to stand.

During intermission I went to the bathroom and a handful of students were singing the chorus…it felt really good!

The MLK scene was fantastic as usual and Grant was hissed at and booed off stage by the crowd as the governor who brings in the National Guard. It was awesome.

I think my favorite scene was the final sprawl mart scene. Dale tries to bribe Bridget with health insurance to get her to be a snitch for union activity. As she thinks it over all the best and most powerful one-liners from the play call to her from backstage.

“The Road to progress is paved in blood”

“Remember Ludlow”

“What ever your fight, don’t be ladylike”

“Struggle Mountain ain’t got not top”

“I am a man”

“Si Se Puede”

Then a chorus of “Which Side Are You On”

We finished the show with “This Land Is Your Land,” and it was silly and wonderful. All the extra Romero verses were great. Arnie, a man with extreme courage and grace, sang on stage for the first time in his life about needing peace and ending the war and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

I am filled up with hope, love, history, and inspiration. SI SE PUEDE!!!


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  1. Awesome, Mary! Awesome! What an incredible experience you shared. I loved the “She’d love my hat” comment. Grandma’s are amazing. It sounds like she was really there with you in spirit and soul!

    Bravo … I hope I get to see you perform this someday soon!

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