Realization of Something Wonderful and Rare


Last night I rehearsed with the Romero’s in Boulder for the next telling of our play that never ends, “Which Side Are You On”. It is always invigorating to get this show on it’s legs. It always changes a bit from the last time, getting stronger and pulling more truth out of our hearts and bodies.

Boy, we were giggly though. It seemed like someone was streaming laughing gas into the Glen Miller Ballroom all night long. It wasn’t all laughs, The Ludlow scene was the best it’s ever been with tears and history and guts. The new Sprawlmart ending is so relevant, it scares me. The new ending is stronger this way…better.

This is storytelling. We are telling the people’s history, not the censored history you read in textbooks all your life.

I am so proud of the work we do, the actions we take together with our voices and spirits of solidarity.

As Charles put best last night, we are a family.

Being with these people fills me up in times of trouble. Our country is in a precarious state, so many having hard times. It feels powerful to be doing something, speaking out for something important. Our play might not change the world, but it has positively changed all who act in it and I hope some who witness it.

The ghosts of the past and the spirit of the future will stand with us on that stage on Saturday night, I can’t wait to do this again.


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