I love the smell of rejection…


Well I crossed everything, but I did receive a rejection from super star agent. It is okay though, it was very kind and personal – which is pretty nice, even for a rejection.

I am bored and hot at work, I really just need a nap. I have been late summer cleaning my house and I still have a ways to go, but the Feng Shui gods should be happy. I am downsizing and although I am exhausted from working all day and then spending most of the evening working on my house – I feel lighter.
I have been researching some other agents and I am sending a status update to the agent who still has my material.

Tonight is the Romero Troupe performance of Celebrate 2008. I am sad I couldn’t be a part of this production, but life has just been too much. I am working the music, so at least I am contributing in my small way.

I need to do some jumping jacks and WAKE UP!!!!


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  1. Hi honey! Chin up and stay awake. I’m sending you good mojo-juice from Chi-town … AND … there is nothing “small” about contributing with music! 🙂

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