Crossing Fingers, Toes and Eyes


I have just emailed my querry and partial to said agent of my dreams. I know it is shooting for the moon, but I really feel like I am ready.We will see if he agrees. It might be dumb to start with the cream of the crop, yet everything I’ve ever read says that you want a great agent so… why not start with the rock stars first!

This was my first email querry and submission. I will know soon enough! I still have not heard from the first agent I sent my partial to, but I know he has been busy with conferences this summer. A friend of mine just got positive feedback from an agent she querried in February so I still might hear from him. I am going to send a follow up letter that I have submitted to other agents.

I am nervous, but very excited and proud that I sent it anyway. It is much better than just daydreaming about publishing!


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  1. I’m so proud of you, Mary! Congratulations and keep on going! I know you’ll find the right agent!
    L (AKA S)

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