Unwelcome Guest


I have a mouse. I am hoping there is just one, but when my imagination is running wild there are millions of them in my apartment having lots of mice babies as I write this. I saw it scurry across my kitchen floor. I went to Home Depot and found some humane traps and I slept at my parent’s house last night.

I am not a dirty person, but I certainly have my fair share of clutter lying around and I think the mouse incident has shown me a whole new world of the beauty of organization.

On the novel front, I am working on the final re-writes of my last couple of chapters. I found another agent I am interested in. He likes to be queried by email, so that will save a lot of time and energy. I am hesitant to send him the querry and sample before the last chapters are copy-edited, so if in the event that he likes it and wants more I won’t have to look like a dope and say they are not ready yet…

I have been purusuing children’s author blogs and websites recently and it is so inspiring and helpful to read about other’s success.


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