Old things new


I have calmed down a little. What I thought was abundance a few days ago has turned into a nightmare and I don’t even know the half of it. Yet, I am a bit buzzed on a summer ale and the new live John Mayer album. To really give clarity to the nature of my finances lately, I didn’t realize the album had been released. It is unheard of for me to not be in tune with the music scene and have all the new music. I know a guy casually who was John Mayer’s roomate in Berkley. I saw Tony out the other night and he was bragging about how amazing the album was and that he actually got a hold of John to tell him so.

This side of seven years ago, John Mayer was brand new and I was lucky enough to be around to witness the brillance. We met at a show and I was so overwhelmed by his talent, I wore out two copies of Room for Squares in no time and I still revisit it like an old trusted friend. In listening to the new album it is amazing to me how he has grown… he sings and plays with more confidence, although he was so great to begin with – there is just a ease to it now. It fills me up in a way that nothing else can. I couldn’t afford to see him this year, I’m not complaining too much, I have seen him so many times, but an artist who pushes himself to keep things fresh and exciting is a joy to see over and over again.

He has an uncany ability to write what I can not. The melody and the lyrics combine and turn into something tangible… something I can hold in my hands and my heart.

I was so blue tonight and John was there to greet me yet again.. Some day I will thank you I promise.


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