Trigger Happy


I am learning many important lessons lately. Isn’t is amazing how the world changes overnight. My best friend in the world just found out she and her husband are expecting their first child. I am over the moon with excitment. They both do not fit in with their families and they are aching to start their own family and shape it with the love and acceptance they did not recieve.

It feels a bit surreal, but surprisingly it also feels completly natural. She will be an amazing mother and I really beleive parenting is her true mission in this incarnation. She will accomplish many amazing things in her life, but she wants to be a mother more than anything. She got her wish!

I am in the very early stages of a relationship with someone, I think special. The butterflies tell me, I think he is pretty great. We finally talked on the phone today, it was a little akward, but not bad. I like his voice and laugh.

I had pretty much given up on it a couple of weeks ago when things didn’t go how I had planned. It was so silly to shut it off so quickly, in all honesty before anything even began. A friend tried to counsel me to give it some more time, but I wouldn’t hear of it. My defenses were up and they were not coming down. Then I heard from him again, and realized I had made a careless mistake.

Dating is nerve racking and I am not very skilled at it. I don’t know if anything substansial will happen with him, but for the first time ever I think, it really doesn’t matter. I am enjoying the process of getting to know someone and that’s new for me. And he has a great dog – that has to count for something 🙂


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