So much for my word


Well it has been ages since I last posted. I am going to try a more doable three-day rule with this blog and see how it goes. Re-writing a novel and working 60 hours a week is taking its toll for certain.

My best friend Em got married a little over a week ago. She called this afternoon half way home. She was in Atlanta, one more three-hour plane ride and she is back. I have really missed her. I know it has only been ten days, but I take for granted being able to call her at a moment’s notice to reflect or vent about the events of the day. It was nice to hear her voice again on the other end.

I have been working hard on the re-writes for my middle grade fiction novel. I sent it to an agent who expressed some interest and this Saturday with be exactly six weeks. He asked for 6-8 weeks for response so I have taken to opening the mailbox with a sickening mix of excitement and dread. I know it will end up in the right hands eventually; this is just the closest I have ever been to being published. It still feels strange to think my baby is sitting in New York, maybe ready to jump into its next incarnation as almost a real book.

On the personal front, I finally had a crush for the first time in a long time, only to find out that he does have a girlfriend. I know in my heart I am going to meet someone who is amazing and available soon, but it is tough to believe that some days.

I will try to be back soon…


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