Marshmellow Fluff


I went to a movie today called “Smart People” that was pretty good. I really liked it, you should go see it. I went out with my best girl, Em. We have not been able to spend much time together lately which is a bummer because I love her to death! I think I could hang out with her everyday and we would not run out of things to say or stop laughing. We get each other on such a deep level, it is really comforting that someone gets me so well. I was disapointed this week when she didn’t come to my performance, but when I thought about it after the fact, she has a life as well and she was really overwhelmed that day – big whoop she will come next time.

It was almost good, because a bunch of people couldn’t make it, and my feelings were hurt, but after the fact it was dumb. My mom and dad were there and a couple of other friends I didn’t expect.

In the end it all comes down to expectations, I harbored expectations of my friends and when they couldn’t meet them, I ended up disappointed. When I really looked at it I was being childish – they are almost always there for me, and everyone is human.

It was a good day –


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