Incredible Documentary


Well I am starting over today – blog 1 of 21 in a row – check!

I never watch the today show anymore, but yesterday I decided to double check the weather forecast because the weather has been so up and down here all week. I happened to see a small interview about a new documentary that would be airing on MS NBC. It was called “Meeting David Wilson”.

I am in the Romero Theatre Troupe and we just performed our play “Which Side Are You On” Wednesday 4/9/08 at the Oriental Theatre. We are a group of thirty like – minded individuals, our motto is social justice through organic theatre. We have a MLK scene in our play and I was amazed being onstage Wednesday night, I looked around and we all want to be that change in the world. We are all different ages, genders, and races and it all works. It still get goose bumps when I think about that scene.

I watched “Meeting David Wilson” last night and I ordered my own copy I was so impressed. It is a beautiful film! I was so moved and humbled by what these two men accomplished together. It is very fitting that it happen so close to the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King.



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