Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Last night was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions. I always love to watch this, I can’t get enough trivia and knowledge of Rock and Roll. The speeches are amazing, and the performances blow me away. I am disappointed when bands have to wait so long to be inducted, that many original members have already passed away. The Dave Clark 5 was inducted last night and they have lost two members in the last year, Mike Smith dying only two week prior to the ceremony.

Tom Hanks inducted them, and his speech was the second best I have witnessed. First being when Bruce Springsteen inducted U2. It was obvious how big of a fan Tom is. His speech was passionate, informational, humorous, and touching. It was fun to watch the ceremony with my Mom, she loved the Dave Clark 5 as well and recounted all the times she had seen them live in High School.

Leonard Cohen was also inducted and Damien Rice played an unbelievable acoustic version of “Hallelujah”. I was reduced to tears!

I am blessed to love music as much as I do. It is my constant companion and I can never get my fill. One of the things I love so much about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions is that generally it is a pairing of fan and artist. Even though the person inducting the artist being honored, is generally a accomplished musician in their own right, you get to hear and see how the artist being honored helped shape the artist who is doing the inducting. The family tree of musical influence is so fascinating to me. It makes me want to make music and participate in this cycle because I have a multitude of artists who have deeply affected and influenced my songs. Who’s to say my music won’t be that for someone else?

Even when you fear that no one will ever get it, you are pushed to bring the song to life anyway – and thus the circle continues…


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