Best Sibling Evening Ever!


My younger brother Brian is one of my best friends and one of the coolest people on the planet. I would want him as a friend, but I am lucky enough to get him as a brother as well. We have always had an amazing relationship, we understand each other in an indescribable way – he gets me and I get him on every level. We understand each other without even speaking most of the time. We vibe in so many ways, but music is something that we always are into. Concerts are my favorite activity to begin with, but concerts with Brian are so great! I know I will have a fantastic time, who ever we see.
Tonight we saw MuteMath at the Gothic Theatre and it was out of this world! The crowd was so pumped and MuteMath way exceeded my expectations. They are so amazing live – they leave it all out there on that stage and we were very appreciative!
I would see them again in a second! Hopefully they will be back soon.
Thanks Brian for another wonderful evening of great music! ~


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