Mute Math


I am still completely obsessed with Mute Math’s album. It is all I can seem to listen to and it gets better and better everyday! I am currently still amazed by typical and chaos – I love when music says what you can’t get out into words. So instead of just existing in the frustration of it, you can express it through someone else’s poetry. I am also totally overwhelmed with the track You Are Mine, it is just too beautiful. I am so bummed out I missed them in Denver in April, hopefully they will come back around this way soon.

I watched the Tao of Steve today on IFC and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It is a wonderful film that I didn’t appreciate the first time around, but I guess my perspective has changed over the last seven years. I also wrote a song last night I am really proud of. It is just the first draft, but I committed the melody to garage band for further development. I have been blocked musically for some time now so it felt really good to get something important out of my skin and get those feelings onto the page.


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