The Fine Balance of School and Harry Potter


I am in my final weeks of summer school and I am about to lose my mind!! It has been so hard to keep my motivation up this summer, but I am almost done. Then I will have six days of freedom and embark on my final semester before graduation. My motivation has been severely lessened by the upcoming release of the final Harry Potter book. On a matter of tradition, I re-read the books that have already been released before the new book, so it has been hard to give time to boring text books when all I want to read is Harry Potter, but so far so good. I am ready for the seventh book, yet I don’t want it to be out because I can’t believe it is over. Luckily there will be two more movies, which will help, but I can’t help feeling very sad to say goodbye to these great characters and magical world. I am very sad. I desperately want to know how it ends, but it is the end of an era. I am so grateful to J.K. Rowling for writing these amazing books. I had given up on my writing for children, but her wonderful stories brought me back to the beauty of children’s books. I had the courage to finish my young adult novel and I am so pleased with how many children and adults came back to reading via the Harry Potter phenomenon. Saturday is completely reserved for reading, I might stop for food, but I am not promising anything!


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