The Beauty of Friendship


I have a wonderful friend who is experiencing a hard time right now. She just got engaged, so she is very excited, but her family is making things stressful already. She feels like running away! I also have been having some power struggles with my family, trying to find a balance between being selfish and being too available and losing myself in the process. We sat in the wind, drinking hot tea and a feeling of gratitude for the blessing of our friendship overwhelmed me. I am reading a book called “Partnering,” and I think that this friendship is one of the only balanced things in my life. We are yin and yang; I am the positive to her negative, and visa versa. It is nice to know that there is another human being who knows you completely and still offers no judgment when you are bitching about petty things. We are there in the good times and bad, and it is comforting to know she is here. I know things will turn out with her wedding. I love my family dearly but we push each other’s buttons and make each other crazy. Sometimes the family we create through experience can offer the most comfort in our time of need, petty or not!


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  1. Cool post…it’s true that sometimes our family can give us the most trouble. But family is sometimes the only thing in our lives that is objective. Friendship is a great thing..but Family is the only thing that is for life whether good or bad. Just something to think about.

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