I was a fish as a child. My first trip underwater was when I was barely a toddler. My father was a swimmer. My mother almost drown as a teenager and she still has a horrible fear. She will get into the water but she has to have her feet on the ground at all times. She was determined to have children who were comfortable in the water, so we started early. I loved it! I swam competitively until high school. My father had a heart scare last December and he needs a certain amount of exercise for his heart. He isn’t very good about working out, and since I have missed swimming on a regular basis, decided to make a swim date at lunch at least two times a week. It is fun to share a love of water with him. We look silly in our big goggles, but it doesn’t bother me. Being in the water is the only time I feel graceful. I can surrender under water. I am looking forward to our next father/daughter swim date.


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