Mind Freak


Tonight is the season premier of Criss Angel Mind Freak on A&E. I had heard of him, but had never watched his show until recently. A&E has been playing old episodes in the past couple of days, in anticipation of the season premier. I think he is a fantastic performer and I can honestly say that he has blown my mind on every viewing. He is fascinating! I would love to witness his illusions live, maybe someday. I just watched a re-run of him doing a body suspension by helicopter over the Fire Valley. He is a wonderful example of mind over matter and commitment. He has become my new role model for passion and dedication to his craft and art. He not only pushes societies envelope, he pushes his own envelope almost to the point of no return. I feel like I can learn a great deal from that in terms of my own art, even though I won’t be electrifying myself anytime soon. Art is scary and it can be painful. It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally painful. I commend Criss Angel for being so in tune with his passion and artistic expression. His motto is, if your mind, body, and spirit are working together anything is possible. I think I believe him. I will definitely be watching tonight.


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